Member Units

Member Units of The African Village UK Community. Buyers must be 18 years and over. You must be registered and signed in before you can make a purchase on this site. Click here to log in or register if you haven’t already done so.
Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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A Member Unit is a virtual membership product sold by The African Village Limited, UK. The benefits of owning Member Units include: lifetime Royalty Membership of The African Village UK Community, discounts on selected product offerings and events, and a non-exclusive right to earn a royalty in the form of a shared percentage of the net profits made from the operations of The African Village.

There are 5 million Member Units in total. This portal allows you to buy Member Units for family members as well as friends, subject to a maximum of 50 Member Units per online transaction.

We welcome and invite people of non-African heritage who are friends of Africa and hold Africa closely in their hearts, to also buy Member Units and be part of the growing community.